Blog Post #8

What problem is most important to me?

The problem I’d like to continue to the final poster is one issue that stuck out to me after the Rhetorical Analysis project: animal conservation rights; specifically towards foxes. This particular issue stuck out to me not only because of foxes being my all-time favorite animal but also because of the importance they have on the environment.

My type of audience is going to remain the same, open to those who are interested in learning about foxes (including those who love them).


  • Who needs access/inclusion/justice/advocacy and for what?

The main beings who need access/inclusion/justice/advocacy are those passionate about animal rights, those interested in learning about foxes, and even to potentially change minds about poaching/farming off these animals and see they mean a lot more than they originally thought of.

  • What causes or caused the issue you want to address?

The causes of the issue I want to address for this is seeing how foxes are being profited off of fur farms, poached by the many, and other negative means that cause turmoil for them.

  • What research supports your exigence? Based on this research, will your advocacy focus more on the problem, solutions to the problem, or both? Explain.

The research that will support my exigence will be professional websites/YouTube channels/social media platforms that stem in informative, and of course providing adorable content of photos, videos of how and why foxes are important, and wholesome content, showing off captive foxes’ personalities, as well as rescuing them from potential fatal fates.


  • Who is your target audience? (Whom do you need help from to advocate and/or make change?)

My type of audience aim is going to remain the same as the means to my Rhetorical Analysis Project, open to those who are interested in learning about foxes (including those who love them), and why are they important to the environment in more ways than others take them for granted.

  • What do you want to say to them?

With what I want to say to them, I want my presentation to be well heard, informative, and of course, passionate about how these adorable feisty canids are important to our means of environmental living, ecosystem benefits, and of course, showing how wholesome they have made in media of all kinds.

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